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Welcome 2020

On behalf of the TBW Executive, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for 2020 and your commitment in in supporting TBW, ensuring that this movement is one that will stand the test of time and one that will be driven by action and commitment.

The TBW is in an interesting part of its evolution, as we attempt to build a reputation as a premier wealth creation ecosystem built on collaboration and sound community values.

We are committed and focused on ensuring value for our members and delivering on diverse expectations.

Each new year dawns with the chance to take stock of where we are and focus anew on where we are headed. The TBW Executive met at the beginning of this year and examined what worked and what did not work in 2019, and armed with helpful insights from the Chapter Heads and members, we formulated an action plan for 2020 to tackle a key goal – to enhance member value.

Membership Platform: To this end, we are in the process of looking at best options for the hosting of a membership platform that will have capabilities for self-service member registrations, newsfeeds, a Jobs Portal, Events Notifications, Chat Forums, membership directory with member and business profiles and sector/ group chats amongst other capabilities. Proposals were invited from members and we envisage that this process will be completed by the end of April.

The membership platform will allow us to create value for paid memberships, streamline processes and ensure that we have important and critical news and opportunities delivered to our members in real time.

Delegations:  We are currently in conversations with representatives from Mauritius, Malaysia and the UK to understand what opportunities are available to our members and we will send out information on delegations and business meetings planned with the respective representatives during the year.

The delegation to Malaysia from 22nd to 29th March is being reassessed in view of requests from members to change the dates to a later date in the year, as well as caution expressed for travel overseas with the outbreak of the Corona virus. Further details and dates will be communicated.

In addition to overseas delegations, inter provincial opportunities are also being researched for member benefit. Members are encouraged to contact me, or one of the Chapter Champions with any prospective opportunities for TBW members.

Skills Development, Mentorships & Learning Opportunities

10 mentorship opportunities will be managed by TBW centre in conjunction with member businesses.

Chapter Champions have been tasked with identifying individuals requiring mentorship for placement with the correct sponsor.

A Skills Development programme is being developed and details of workshops will be communicated.

Business Opportunities & Equity Funding

Warriors Den concept will be continued.

Interested individuals are requested to complete their applications on the website

Chapter Support and Meeting of Chapter Champions

A Breakaway session for TBW Induction and Conversations of all Chapter Champions will be held on 13-14 March in Durban. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure uniformity across all Chapters and to ensure that the unique challenges of all Chapters are addressed.

Registration for Tenders: TBW will be registered as a general supplier for tenders nationally. A TBW Vendors/ Suppliers list to be compiled thereafter and offered to TBW members, as a project managed by TBW Centre.

Langebaan Smart City Project: A National Project team has been constituted and is being led by Kwemvelo. Presentations will be arranged with the Chapter soon Details will be communicated.

In Conclusion,

TBW is in a unique position. We have an opportunity to take a significant leap forward and grow the company to a new level, ensuring that all members are impacted significantly. It requires members to be active and outspoken about their needs. TBW stands at a time of great opportunity and tremendous momentum. Despite the challenges in our market and industry, our advantage is that we have the skills of successful and skilled members who are willing to give of themselves to build an inclusive community.

At TBW, my vision is that we adhere to the highest ethical standards when conducting business. Commitment to our core values and mission/vision remains stronger than ever. In this spirit, I would like to invite all members to contact me on email at or on my mobile should you wish to have a conversation for clarity, complaint or possibilities.

The TBW EXCO is committed to leading the movement to exceptional growth while providing great value for all members this year. Let’s work together to ensure our combined success of the movement.

Best Regards

Anusheri Padayachee