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Annual Membership Registration

Memberbship is key to the success of the Tamil Business Warriors. If you are not already a registered Member, you can view the Member Benefits here. Our Memebrship Fee is an annual fee.

We allow for visitors who join us at the regular monthly Chapter Sessions to see the value of TBW and possibly the value they, as an incoming Membership, can offer fellow Members of TBW. However, we encourage “visitors” to transition to Registered Members. Each Registered Member is given a unique Membership number to use when engaging in business transactions, taking up other Member offers, as well as being able to use the Special TBW Member Logo with their Membership number on their Company Letterheads, email signatures, business cards, websites or any digital channel they currently operate in.

Over time, the Telegram and other Communication Channels will only be open to registered Members only.

You can sign up for Membership here.