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Chairman’s Message: Corona Virus

My dear family, Business Associates, TBW Members and friends. It’s uncanny that in 2020, we assumed the vision would be clear and defined, making life and business much easier. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. All around the World, people are taking necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from coronavirus. Sound preparation, based on scientific and medical evidence, is what is needed at this time.

At TBW, we encourage our Members to take the utmost of precautions in ensuring every preventative measure from a personal care point of view. More importantly, with South Africa entering a into a State of Emergency phase, this is going to impact our People and our Member Companies negatively.

As Business Owners we need to be on top of our game as to what is happening around us and the measures that Government has put in place. Over the next couple of days our Businesses and its activities are going to change significantly.

If you have not already heard, our Government has implemented the following as of last night. There are many questions that we, as Business Owners are going to have to answer this week. Its not Business aas usual. We will be publishing more information from time-to-time, and are hoping that there are TBW Member Companies, who can advise and assist on the negative impact these shutdowns and restrictions will have on our businesses.

For now, ALL monthly BizConnect Sessions are on hold until further notice.

Kindly take note of the following:-

  1. There is a travel ban on Foreigners from high-risk countries (US, Germany, China, Korea, etc)
  2. There is to be NO TRAVEL by SA Citizens to high-risk countries. On return, these people will be quarantined.
  3. Medium-risk countries include Portugal, Singapore, India and other Asian countries.
  4. Currently 35 Land Ports will be shut down as well as 2 Sea Port.
  5. All non-essential Government travel is banned with immediate effect.
  6. All gatherings of more than 100 people is prohibited. This will ultimately affect our monthly BizConnect Sessions as well as BizCon2020. We will be updating all Members in due course.
  7. Schools will be closed from Wednesday March 18 until after Easter holidays. Universities are imposing the same as we speak.
  8. All Companies, Malls and public places must bolster up their hygiene control efforts.